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These are challenging times for all of us, but especially for the aviation industry. We want to contribute with something positive. We want to rise to the occasion and create a community where fellow aviators can meet and grow together. That’s why we have developed CrewAssist. Join our family and get ready for the bright future of aviation.

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Making the impossible Possible: OSM’s Journey to Indonesia

Like many others in the Airline industry, OSM Aviation was badly hit by the ongoing pandemic. This left OSM looking toward alternative means of business in order to assure that the company survived the pandemic’s rising ‘economic storm’. And suddenly, after a quick internal discussion it was unanimous; OSM was now in the business of repositioning aircrafts.

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CrewAssist – Bringing the Community Together

The idea behind our online community, where fellow aviators can meet and stay relevant together, arose as result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit our industry hard and turned thousands of lives up-side-down.

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The OSM Aviation ‘Candidate Profile’ is a great career opportunity! Our registration is easy and accessible through all devices. You can upload as much information as you like and choose which locations you’re interested in. Based on this, we will inform you about new and suitable positions.