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OSM Aviation represent the future in international aviation.

We are the first company to offer Total Crew Management - a full range of management and recruitment services for the aviation industry. We are responsible for the entire crew management process, from recruitment and training to planning and execution. We offer permanent employment at competitive terms.

At OSM Aviation, it's all about people.

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Securing the future careers for the next generation of aircraft engineers.

Magnetic MRO and OSM Aviation launch a pioneering joint apprenticeship program.

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OSM Technical Director Featured in Manufacturing Technologies Insights.

Technical Director Thom Arne Norheim is featured in the current issue of Manufacturing Technologies Insight magazine where he is sharing his thoughts and expert knowledge on the future of the technical segment in aviation.

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The OSM Aviation ‘Candidate Profile’ is a great career opportunity! Our registration is easy and accessible through all devices. You can upload as much information as you like and choose which locations you’re interested in. Based on this, we will inform you about new and suitable positions.

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