5 things to bring on an overnight stay

Working for OSM Aviation and Norwegian Long Haul, you’ll get to spend many nights away from home. For Senior Cabin Crew Member, Maria de los Angeles Granados Fernandez this is exciting, refreshing and an escape from the daily routine. 

At the beginning of my career flying long haul, I used to pack everything I would need for every kind of situation. With time I learnt that with just a few things (and checking the weather at destination) you can go a long way.

Even when you pack light, there are 5 things I would suggest you bring with you during your overnight stay:


1. Cookies: Yes, you are going to be jet-lagged. And yes, you are going to get hungry in the middle of the night, so if you bring an easy snack with you, you’ll be safe from a roaring stomach and counting the hours before the breakfast service opens at your destination. Cereal, chocolate, muesli bars, or any snack you’d fancy will be useful. Don’t forget to declare any food before entering the US!


2. Gym wear: Once you are wide awake and breakfast opens, you are going to eat A LOT. Hotels have delicious options, but all of them have plenty of food that you will want to burn off after. Personally, I am not a gym addict, however exercising helps me sleep better and keep up with our hard work while burning the calories from the big plates of food they serve in our destinations.


3. Swim wear: Some of the hotels we go to have swimming pools, heated jacuzzis, or spas. Sometimes we stay just a short taxi ride from very nice beaches. I think this point is self-explanatory. Keep some swim wear in your bag, you’ll thank me later.


4. Your own shampoo: We always find that our hotels provide us with shampoo and conditioner, but if you really want to keep your hair healthy, I would recommend to bring your own toiletries. I sometimes bring a nice hair mask for those days when I don’t plan on going out, so I stay in my room having a “spa” day listening to music.


5. External battery: Finally, with all the nice destinations we go to, and the friendly colleagues we work with, you will need to keep your phone alive to take pictures of the landscapes and experiences you will collect from every trip!


Now you know a bit more about the best part of our job. Now it’s your turn to make your list of things you would bring to an overnight stay in order to enjoy your trip as much as possible and make friends on the way. Have safe flights!
– Senior Cabin Crew Member, Maria de los Angeles Granados Fernandez