A Day in the Sky with Carli Brown

We have all seen them. The smiling cabin crew greeting us as we enter the plane. Helping us and making sure we are safe and have a pleasant trip. But what happens before we enter or after we leave? And what does it take to become Cabin Crew?

Carli Brown works as a Cabin Supervisor and describes her work day as rewarding, fun and challenging. She tells that in order to become cabin crew, you have to be adaptable. Each day brings new routes, new passengers, new challenges and new goals. Being cabin crew isn’t just about great customer service skills, it’s about being part of a team supporting each other no matter the challenge.

Cabin Crew Career



‘A day in the sky’

Carli Brown describes a typical day from waking up ’til going to bed. This example is from a trip from London to New York, where the Cabin Crew has a layover.



My alarm rings and I rub my eyes… eurgh I hate early starts!


My crew meet to brief over coffee in the crew room.


We begin boarding weary eyed passengers


Wheels up… We have take off!


The flight consists of a first service, or breakfast for those passengers that manage to stay awake long enough. We keep our snack bar open throughout the flight to ensure everyone gets everything they want to drink or snack on. Second service begins around 90 minutes before landing and then we start preparing the cabin for our arrival.



Our wheels touch the runway and we say a smiley goodbye to everyone.


We clear immigration, collect our bags and head to our hotel in the crew transport.


We arrive in Manhattan (or another location) and check into the hotel. Some crew nap and some crew head to breakfast. (It’s only 9am in New York!)


Lunchtime! The time difference allows us to nap, freshen up and still have an entire free day in the big apple!


Dinner time with the crew after a day exploring, sightseeing and shopping.


Film time in bed after a long hot shower ready for the next morning’s flight, or if we have a 2 night or more layover: more exploring, sightseeing and shopping.


Travelling bug

Team work in OSM Aviation makes you a family. It isn’t just a normal 9-5 job here, you can be with the same people for a long period of time and having a supportive crew to work with makes your job one that you don’t just enjoy, but also love, Carli shares.

The reason Carli became Cabin Crew was her urge to explore the world. She found that combining her urge to travel with a fulltime job was the perfect match!

 I have always had the ‘travelling bug’ but it just wasn’t possible to fit it all in with a normal job… So I got the job that allows me to do what I love whilst I work!

Carli has many good memories from working as cabin crew and actually met her partner on a flight. “Several hours before he even saw me, I had already told a colleague ‘I have just seen the man I’m going to marry’. 2 years later, we now travel the world as much as we can together!”

Another great memory is from a ‘2 hour’ hike, together with the crew, to some hot springs in Arizona. We got lost, but we found them eventually! The 2 hour hike turned into 7 hours, but we had the time of our lives and saw some of the most beautiful views!

The best part of my job is the people I meet, the memories I make and the stories I hear, Carli says.

My best day would be an easy uneventful flight. Sometimes we are lucky enough for this to be the case, sometimes we aren’t. It’s all about how you deal with what you’re faced with that shows who you are as a person.

‘It’s all about people’ can mean many things. To me, it mean me and my colleagues being appreciated so we make sure the customer always get the best experience. OSM Aviation are very supportive! You don’t feel like simply an employee, you become a member of the OSM family.


5 things that makes an aviation job worthwhile

1. Friends that become family

2. Unforgettable sights

3. Exciting destinations

4. New destinations

5. Priceless experiences


Story by: Carli Brown – Cabin Supervisor | Norwegian