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About Us

With the philosophy "It's all about people" we have taken the Aviation industry one step further - and today we're the leading global provider of top qualified service-minded aircrew. We contribute to our customers success from the Flight Attendant's 'good morning' to the sound of the pilot landing safely on the runway.

We are strong and competent in every part of the value chain - from recruitment, training, management to planning and executing. OSM Aviation is the first Company to offer Total Crew Management. But the heart and soul of OSM Aviation is not about how many aircraft we manage - it all comes down to attracting and sustaining the best people. People who never cut corners. People who do it right every single time. People with high awareness on safety, service and customer satisfaction.

At OSM Aviation; It's all about people.

Our Team
OSM Aviation History

Our History

After a fantastic career in aviation and achieving his goal as a Captain and Chief Flight Instructor in SAS, Espen Høiby felt the call to look for new horizons – this time on the ground.

Inspired by the achievements of OSM Maritime Group – a leading global provider of Crew Management Services for the maritime and offshore industry – Espen teamed with Bjørn Tore Larsen, OSM Maritime Group’s founder, and set up OSM Aviation.

OSM Aviation entered the market in 2013, with a wish to renew the aviation industry, by introducing a new business model of how to employ, attract and manage crews as a long-term and responsible employer.

OSM Aviation has in record time grown from zero to over 5000 employees in only four years and has today many international airlines on our customer list. We have also entered into close cooperation with a number of international organizations as well as flight schools, where we recruit candidates directly after graduating.

OSM Aviation Services

Our Services

OSM Aviation is unique – we are the first company to offer total crew management, a full range of services including employment and management of both flight deck and cabin crew. We are responsible for the entire crew management process.

Our services include Crew Management, Recruitment, Training and Planning and Scheduling.

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OSM Aviation Values

Vision & Mission

The leading aviation management company – It’s all about people.

To contribute to our customers success.

Our Values

Our values are the cornerstones in our daily work. Every decision and face-to-face meeting with people around the world should reflect OSM Aviation values. Our common values of responsibility, team orientation, friendliness and always being on serve as ingrained principles that ought to drive our behavior and signify how we interact and do business. Ultimately, defining our collective OSM DNA and business culture.

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OSM Aviation Enviromental

Environmental Policy

OSM Aviation is a company which operates within the aviation industry, this industry roughly being responsible for up to 3 % of the world’s annual CO2 emissions (2016 figures). Even though OSM Aviation does not have any aircraft operations, this does not free us of the responibility to contribute to reducing the industry’s strain on the environment.

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