Aircraft Transition Services

OSM Aviation has a vast global network of pilots, technicians, and planning experts. This allows us to safely and cost-efficiently relocate your aircraft anywhere in the world.

Choose our complete service package and let us take care of everything, or pick and choose from our lineup of service modules to fit your needs.

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Planning & execution

OSM Aviation can plan and execute ferry flights to and from anywhere in the world. We will take care of everything before, during and after the mission.

  • Complete flight planning.
  • Ferry flights and demo flights.
  • Crew remuneration, accommodation, and relocation.
  • Dispatch and flight following.

Permits & Handling

In a complex global environment, our expertise on permits, handling, and project management ensures relocation of your assets with a minimum level of friction.

  • Overflight permits.
  • Landing permits.
  • Navigational charges.
  • Fuel services.
  • Ground handling.
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Full CAMO services

We can provide full CAMO services for parked and stored aircraft, even for AOC operated aircraft if required. OSM Aviation can also handle registration.

  • Full CAMO services.
  • Permit to fly handling.
  • ARC inspections and management.
  • Aircraft registrations and transfer.

Maintenance & Storage

Swift redeployment into service is critical to effectively adapt to changes in market demand. We will take care of your aircraft and continuously perform required maintenance to ensure that your fleet is ready when you need it. We also provide the following services:

  • Team of AMOS transfer experts
  • Maintenance project management
  • Follow up and reporting on aircraft status
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