Benefits of becoming Cabin Crew

Wake up in one city end your shift in another, maybe you have a 24 hour or a week break until your next flight. Being a cabin crew member is a unique career that offers various perks from a unique scheduling system to discounted travel and promotional opportunities. We asked management and cabin crew professionals what they think the top 5 job perks are. Check out the benefits they picked that makes this career one of the most unique and exciting careers to have.


No more 9 am to 5 pm. Every month you will be receiving a roster which will reflect your schedule for the month. Depending on the airline you will either have a fixed pattern or not and receive your schedule once a month.

Norwegian Short Haul has a fixed pattern every month their standerd for short haul flights is working 5 days and then off 4 days. 

Oslo Base Manager 


Some of the airlines if not the majority, will offer staff tickets for you and your family and sometimes friends. In this way, you can purchase tickets with a great discount and travel to your favorite destinations.

The ID-ticket benefit for Finnair flights are available for their parents, kids and spouse/travel partner after six months of employment.

OSM Aviation Asia Manager 


Having a great record, always being on time, and performing on board will help you receive a promotion faster.

Contracts can be anywhere between 6 months and 3 years, but also open-ended, so you can figure out if this is the right career move for you, whether you wish to fly as a seasonal cabin crew or as a permanent career.

For Norwegian you can work towards different promotional opportunities (depending on the availability of the role).

  • Cabin Crew Evaluators 
  • Senior Cabin Crew Member
  • Ground Instructor
  • Compliance Performance Supervisor
  • Base Chief

Management team OSM Aviation UK


As cabin crew, you will be able to travel and enjoy sightseeing in the most spectacular places on the planet when on a layover. Please keep in mind that not all airlines have layovers, some have short turnarounds others a combination of both.

Working as Cabin Crew truly is a gift for me because I can travel to exotic destinations and visit some of the most amazing cities. I have a chance to visit places that most people only dream about – and this is all a part of my job.

Chayawee Yama (Norwegian Cabin Crew)


Your colleagues are from all over the world which is a perk as you can practice and learn even a new language. You will be able to discover and learn about different customs and different views on life.


If these benefits excite you and you see yourself thriving in this unique career, then take a look at our available cabin crew positions here

If you have any questions regarding a career in cabin crew then please email [email protected].