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OSM aviation

OSM Aviation have met a need and represent the future in international aviation. Therefore, growth will continue. So far, OSM Aviation has established itself with bases in 18 countries worldwide and has grown from zero to 4000 employees in three years.

In record time, we have become the world leader in our field and we experience significant commercial success partnering with key global airlines.

Our common values of responsibility, team orientation, friendliness and always being on serve as ingrained principles that ought to drive our behaviors and signify how we interact and do business. Ultimately, defining our collective OSM DNA and business culture.

Through pairing an innovative and focused work effort with sound business principles we have reached our mission of becoming the largest crew management company in the world. In OSM Aviation we urge to provide our employees with the best and right prerequisites and to contribute to the airlines’ success.

Join us and become a part of one of the biggest success stories in modern aviation!


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