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The corona pandemic is a human tragedy that affects us all, and the aviation industry has experienced its steepest decline in modern history. Thankfully, Pilots are not the kind of people that give up easily – we adapt, we are resilient, and we will be ready when our passengers feel safe enough to explore the world with us again.

We are already starting to see the human need for exploration in the passenger numbers, and OSM Aviation is primed and ready to find opportunities for our pilots when our partners need to scale up again.

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OSM Aviation is playing an active role as the entire aviation industry is pulling together to limit the spread of COVID-19. Protecting the well-being of staff and aviation personnel is our priority number one.. At the same time, we are now focusing on taking the right steps to make sure that our company can continue to build on its strong position once the world returns to normal.

The corona pandemic has hit the aviation industry particularly hard, and the situation affects us. We are working around the clock to live up to our motto;  “it’s all about people” and in delivering on our mission of contributing to our customers’ success. We are incredibly impressed by the team spirit, flexibility and loyalty demonstrated by all our people in this difficult situation.

Unfortunately, temporary suspensions or terminations are inevitable, but our goal is to bring people back onboard as soon as possible. OSM Aviation strongly believe that the demand for our services will be even greater after this crisis than before.

Our ambitions remain unchanged. We want to further develop our position as an attractive employer and partner.


Enhance your Skills and Competencies 

While we cannot predict when recruitment will start up again, we can take steps to ensure we are prepared for when it does. Our best advice for the time being is to start reviewing your online Pilot Candidate Profile. This shows our recruitment team that you are ready for new challenges and will provide them with all the important information they need in their recruitment process.

If you are looking to keep busy, our pilot Academy offers exciting courses such as the EASA Flight Instructor Course or the Drone Operator Course. A great way to build on your competencies while we’re waiting to get back to the new normal.

Maintaining your Mental Health

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Worries about COVID-19 can feel overwhelming, and some people may experience stress and anxiety related to work, illness, loss of income and other. In order to maintain and protect your mental well-being, OSM Aviation wants to share a number of articles from our employee assistance and well-being programme LifeWorks.