CEO Espen Høiby awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Decade’

CEO Espen Høiby has been awarded the prestigious prize as “Entrepreneur of the Decade” by Seed Forum Global. Espen Høiby was recognized for his long experience, active involvement and effective entrepreneurship over several years in multiple start-ups, and most prominently for having succeeded in building up OSM Aviation as a fast-growing international entrepreneurial success.


In just six years, Mr Høiby has managed to establish OSM Aviation as the leading specialist company in the employment, training and administration of cabin crew and pilots worldwide, grown to 6000 employees in record-time, expanded into 18 different countries globally, and recently ventured into flight-school training by starting the OSM Aviation Academy and by launching their comprehensive “Airline Ready Pilot” training concept.



Mr Høiby is honored to have been nominated alongside remarkable and successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

“I am humble and grateful to receive this award. The past decade has been an amazing journey, and I am incredibly proud to be working with so many talented and passionate people who have made this possible. Having had the opportunity to be part of the tremendous transformation and expansion OSM Aviation has gone through in relatively few years has been a true privilege and essentially a great team effort”, Mr Høiby says.



In total, 23 awards were announced at the Seed Forum Global Awards, and the winners were elected by an independent global committee consisting of country representatives from Ukraine, Latvia, Sweden, Finland and Norway respectively.

Bjørn Kjos won the award “Entrepreneur of the Century”.

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