CEO, Espen Høiby @ CNNs “Quest Means Business”

Thursday June 27th, CEO Espen Høiby was invited to CNN International’s program Quest Means Business  with Richard Quest to talk about the pilot shortage in international aviation and alternative business models. See the full video interview below.

With Boeing and Airbus forecasts that we are going to double the number of fleets within the next 20 years, from 24,000 to 48,000 aircrafts we need to produce 100 new pilots every day, Mr Høiby says. 


Mr Høiby addressed the pilot shortage issue speaking about how we can attract more pilots to the industry by facilitating sponsorship’s and financing for what is an expensive career. Mr Høiby also says it’s important to think how we can address the new younger generation to get in to the industry, offering flexibility which he believes will solve the problem. 


Mr Høiby says we need to ‘act now’. Although we haven’t yet felt the pilot shortage in the major legacies in Europe, we do see it in the regionals like in Asia with numerous aircrafts on the ground due to pilot shortage. 


OSM Aviation CEO Espen Høiby says there’s a pilot shortage as the airline industry grows. “Today, we’re producing about 35 pilots a day. We need 100 new pilots every day,”.