CEO Espen Høiby’s Attendance @ The Future of Mobility

Last week, CEO Espen Høiby attended The Future of Mobility Seminar, where he talked about the future of aviation. Topics he covered were; what trends we see in aviation, the gap between demand and access to competent categories of personnel, future business models in aviation, and how electrification, drones, automation and technical disruption will shape large parts of the future in aviation. 

About The Event: 

The BNCC proudly presents SPEAKER’S CORNER #2: THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY together with Eggs Design and I.Mech.E. We have put together an exciting line-up of speakers who are leaders at the cutting edge of developments in transportation, how it’s changing and how it will affect you.

Come get a glimpse into your future with our featured speakers offering hi-tech reveals, stimulating discussion and light refreshments at the stylish Eggs Design venue. The FUTURE OF MOBILITY will affect you. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

SPEAKERS: Chetan Kotur (Polestar – Scandinavian Electric Car) / Espen B. Høiby (OSM Aviation) / Sture Portvik (Urban Environment, City of Oslo) / Linda Vik (Eggs Design)