Creating a Successful Flight Crew CV

Most of us have taken the time to create a great looking CV (Curriculum Vitae). As a pilot your CV can help recruiters shortlist you for a position you may have applied for. Although a CV should look like you are the ideal candidate in other jobs, pilots will eventually be scrutinized and a CV hiding essential fact will never be helpful.


3 Steps for a Successful Flight Crew CV

When you create a CV as a pilot there are a few things you can do to end up in the first pile of applicants:

  1. List your actual flight time and position on each of the aircraft you have flown (the recruiter will need this info at some point anyhow)
  2. List simulator time separately. Most airlines are looking for your actual flight time.
  3. If you are applying as a direct-entry-captain, most airlines will need your actual command time, both total, and on the types you have flown. PIC and PICUS time may or may not count, but actual time as aircraft commander is always relevant.

Of other important things you may want to include are information about your licences, your work history, your ICAO English level, your DOB, your latest flight, LPC, medical, etc. This will not only help the recruiter but will increase your chances and expedite your process.