Meeting the pilots: First Officer Marina Muzas Prieto

First Officer Marina Muzas Prieto is anything but stereotypical! Ever since she was a young girl, Marina has been interested in engines and been competing as a pro motorbike racer. She has also worked as a Security Scuba Diver and a Swimming Teacher for children.

As soon as she finished her degree as a veterinarian, Marina moved to Manchester to improve her english skills in order to become a pilot – and has never looked back. Her message is clear: if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it!


When Marina was 18 years old, it was time to decide what to do for a career and like many others, her parents wanted her to have a degree.  Being so interested in motorbikes, her first wish was to become a mechanic or something related to the sport she loved so much. Her marks were very good and her parents thought it might be more appropriate to study something else, like medicine. She eventually decided to study Vet Science and continued her motorbike racing on the side.


During her second year of vet studies – she and a friend were having a break from their race training. They were sitting, eating a sandwich, when a plane was flying directly above them and Marina said: “Man, imagine racing THAT!” and her friend replied “Well, do it”.


After that weekend, Marina came home to her parents saying: “Daddy, I want to become a pilot!” As you can imagine, her parents, already tired of engines and her daughter travelling all the time, didn’t really like the thought of their daughter becoming a travelling pilot. But her father said “Fine. But finish your degree first.”


So, she did. Marina finished her degree, got her papers from the university, went home to her parents and said, “I’m leaving for UK next week to become a pilot.”


Marina went to Manchester, where a friend of hers was living and studying. After four months of studying, improving her English skills, she made the assessment in FTE and passed. She took the money she saved up from bike races and other small jobs and moved to study at FTEJerez in Spain. During her studies she stayed active, both teaching swimming to children and racing – which took up almost all of her time off. But she managed do both.


“I did it!”


Soon after finishing her pilot education she got her first job with Ryanair, and today she has the job of her dreams! “As soon as I could, I joined Norwegian. I’m super happy with my job. It’s very professional and finally I feel like a true pilot!”


For Marina it’s important with discipline, to always be humble and to work hard! – “You might not get what you want tomorrow! It’s important to take your time, to listen and observe. Never rush!” Marina says.


Everyone can do anything! But how much do you want it?

My motivation is pretty simple; I’m always hungry for wisdom. I love to listen to my co-workers and I always learn something new. I love to go to work and challenge myself to do a bit better. I also love to have days off to spend with my family, friends and dogs (I have 3).

Being a pilot is very different from many other professions. Timetables are almost the opposite of the rest, but… it’s worth it! I feel very well treated in my job as a pilot!

Every career has ups and downs, but my secret is to be patient!