Our Planet is Everybody’s Business


At OSM Aviation, we endorse the UN’s Global Compact principles.

This means that we strive to preserve our planet and the ressources on it. We will only succeed in this work if we do it together and every day.
In our daily work, we have to keep in mind that we:


  • Save water
    We want our children to have drinking water too
  • Save electricity
    Less electricity consumption slows down the coal works and nuclear plants around the globe.
  • Purchase with care.
    Ask your local supplier of computers, printers, paper and even furniture to minimize wrapping, and ask them how they dispose of the wrapping material, used jet ink containers and other supplies.
  • Dispose of litter
    In a safe way.This includes empty bottles, plastic, cardboard boxes and all other things which are subject to recycling programmes in you country.


Do you want to know more about the 10 UN principles for a more positive global impact? Then go to: