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Environmental Policy

OSM Aviation is a company which operates within the aviation industry - an industry that roughly is responsible for up to 3 % of the world’s annual CO2 emissions (2016 figures). Even though OSM Aviation does not have any aircraft operations, this does not free us of the responibility to contribute to reducing the industry’s strain on the environment.

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OSM Aviation’s CO2 footprint is mainly produced through our office activities, i.e. consumption of electricity, paper, ink, water. At the headquarters in Lysaker, Norway, the office also has two cars which are used for frequent visits at a large client in Norway. These cars are electrical cars of a new make.

“What we can do, we must do”

In 2017, an environmental awareness program is being started within OSM Aviation.

The program consists of
• A form – the Environmental Balance Score” – which is sent to every OSM Aviation office world wide
• The form must be filled in by the office, stating how much water and electricity has been used during the last year
• The form also inquires how much print paper and ink is used and how the wrapping for these things are being disposed of
• If the local community in the country of the specific offices support recycling programmes, the office must dispose of all litter possible thorugh this program
• A drive on OSM Aviation’s intranet (“Our Planet is everybody’s Business”) also draws attention to the environmental responsibilities we have as a responsible company
• The drive emphasizes that we shall all be aware – every day – that the natural resources are sparse and we have a responsibility to preserve them

The “What we can do, we must do” program will be implemented through 2017. In 2018, it will be possible to create a realistic overview of our consumption of electricity, water and office supplies. From there on, environmental KPIs must be defined and communicated so clear goals can be set and callibrated.

Finally, in connection with the “What we can do, we must do” program, employees are encouraged to think out, design and share environmentally friendly practices and processes with the QA department in order to spread all good and innovative ideas reducing our environmental foot print.