OSM Aviation sponsors the Flight Operational Forum Conference 2017


OSM Aviation is a proud sponsor of the aviation safety conference, “Flight Operational Forum”, and our Deputy Director Flight Crew, Arild Nyheim attended the conference that took place 3-5 April 2017.

Flight Operational Forum

Flight Operational Forum is an operational Flight Safety conference that gathers operational staff and management every year in April. The conference in 2017 was conducted with exciting speakers and a highly operational agenda. The development in recent years in aviation, with a significant increase in the number of aircraft operators, several airports, and more sophisticated materials, has led to an increased need for cooperation and coordination on issues of common operational interest.

Representatives from airlines and helicopter companies, the Ministry of Transport (SD), Avinor, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN), Air Force, and other involved authorities and organizations were among the participants at this year’s Flight Operational Forum Conference.

Flight Operational Forum Conference 2017 was conducted 3–5 April with a record high participation. The conference had a large span both operationally in airline and ATC, as well as a significant management presence. There were many highlights, and based on feedback from participants, probably the accident where Captain Jeff Skiles talked about his landing on the Hudson river was the most thrilling. The next conference is 9–11 April 2018.

“OSM Aviation showed their clear manner on aviation safety work by sponsoring and participating. This clearly shows that OSM Aviation is a very serious player that takes aviation safety seriously.”

– Morten Kjellesvig, CEO

The Flight Operational Forum Conference 2017.

Captain Jeff Skiles talked about “The Miracle on Hudson”.

Cake was served to celebrate the conference’s 30-year anniversary.

More information

Please visit www.fof.aero (Flight Operational Forum) for more information and details.