Flying to Singapore

From the beginning of the first flight the daily operation has been running smoothly without any difficulties. The feedback from the first flights is good. All SIN base crew members have shown their potential and capability to act as an excellent cabin crew. They all have a very positive attitude and are highly motivated. Communication and team working skills are high.   They have shown their willingness to provide the best possible customer service onboard. We are very proud of our SIN base crew and wish them Happy Landings!
Kirsi Rechardt, Sami Sieva, Gitte Leonce, Aase Mikkelsen and the rest of the OSM Aviation Management



Mohammad Khairul Bin Saad  (Khy), Mohamad Idzwan Bin Adzalli (Idzwan), Norhafizah Binte Adzalli (Fizah), Ng Zu Fa Timothy Nic (Nic).