IMD Portrays the Successful Business Model of OSM Aviation

Inspired by the achievements of their former graduate, Espen Høiby, now CEO of OSM Aviation, the top-ranked business school, IMD, portrays the successful business model of OSM Aviation as an example of disruptive innovation in recent case study.


Offering their students real-world examples of why businesses succeed, IMD business school has turned its attention to the business model of OSM Aviation as substance when students discuss the opportunities and challenges facing a labor outsourcing company. Participants will be asked to evaluate the key advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing labor and assess the strategic choices OSM Aviation is facing to offer a value proposition appealing to all stakeholders – airline operators, employees, unions, flight school candidates. Finally, participants will be asked to evaluate the idea of a total leasing proposition.


The successful story of OSM Aviation is being published in the online IMD alumni publication. Read the article based on OSM Aviation case study here: In the Field OSM Aviation mp 22.03.18 (PDF)


About IMD:

IMD is a top-ranked business School based in Lausanne, Switzerland and is recognized as the expert in developing global leaders through high-impact executive education. They also have an Executive Learning Center in Singapore.

CEO OSM Aviation, Espen Høiby, holds an MBA from IMD Lausanne, Switzerland