As of June 7th, OSM Aviation expanded it’s executive leadership team with the hire of Anders Bonde Bakken as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Join us as we become better acquainted with Anders Bonde Bakken.

Anders holds a Master in Business and Economics from the Norwegian Business School (BI). He has 10 years of experience in various international financial management positions. 4 of these years he was based in France working for Airbus Group, a major European actor in the aviation industry. Anders is the father of one, and he resides with his family in Oslo, Norway.

The hire of Anders bring immense new talent to the executive team and reflect the company’s rapid growth and continued momentum as the leading International Crew Management company within aviation.

Anders joins us with significant experience in financial and operational management, change processes and project implementation in international organizations. He has experience from various industries including working in listed companies and private equity owned companies. Anders creates results through collaboration with emphasis on open processes and Communications.


So Anders, tell us a little bit about your background and what led you here?

I have several years of background in private equity working within international financial management. In 2012 I relocated to Paris and worked 4 Years for Airbus. After a short visit in the maritime industry I’m very excited to get the opportunity to join OSM Aviation in an industry I’m very interested in.


After 4 years in aviation, what do you like most about the industry?

Easy one. The people working in the industry! The aviation industry attracts people with a special type of mindset which I really enjoy working together with. I feel like I’m coming back home.


What made you decide to join OSM Aviation?

What got my attention is that OSM Aviation is an exciting global company with an impressive growth within the aviation industry. During the recruitment process I was lucky to meet quite many persons working in the company. I was impressed both their knowledge of the industry and their extraordinary positive mindset.


You’ve been with us for almost a month now. What have you been focused on?

The focus so far has been to get an overview of the structure and the financial setup of OSM Aviation in addition to get to know the team at Lysaker. The focus now will be to get to out meeting the local teams in the various offices to get a better understanding of the business and the various markets.


What do you hope to add to the team as the new CFO?

I have extensive experience within international financial management in fast paced environments. I have always focused on building team cross borders and functions. I will be very focused on this in OSM Aviation.


What does our slogan “it’s all about people” mean to you?

Everything. The reason I’m here is because of the people in OSM Aviation. In addition, as a “finance man” I’m always interested in what is creating value in companies. In OSM Aviation it is one easy answer to this; all of our employees.


What does the future in the aviation industry look like, and what role does OSM Aviation have in it?

People will travel even more in the future, and they will have higher requirements on both technology and services provided during a flight. The airlines will get challenged on how to operate by increased competition. OSM Aviation offering top quality and highly efficient crew members will contribute for several Airlines success with increased customer satisfaction and flexibility both for the crew members and the airlines. The innovative solutions developed in OSM Aviation will also be highly appreciated. I’m very excited that I will be a part of the journey OSM Aviation will have the years to come.