It’s all about people in Unmanned Aviation!

OSM Aviation is determined to be in the forefront of the future of aviation and to be one of the drivers of change within the industry. It might seem like a paradox that a company whose slogan is “It’s All About People” should engage in unmanned. However, we believe that unmanned aviation will create many career opportunities. 

Today, although only just emerging, the industrial use of drones is mostly limited to inspections or mapping of different kinds, as for instance power line inspections. There are actually endless opportunities that will change many industries. Drones are flexible, cost-effective, HSE- and environmentally friendly.

The biggest growth is to be expected in transportation and logistics. Unmanned air taxies will disrupt the industry and introduce a much larger volume of point-to-point transportation in terms of urban mobility.  

Currently we are awaiting our licence as a drone operator, we will continue to develop training programs for unmanned aviation. The future pilot education will most likely be the same whether the pilot is seated in the aircraft or on the ground, since all aerial vehicles will share the same airspace in the end.

Along with the expected growth of this industry, there is a need for coordinating efforts and development of operational concepts. OSM Aviation is an aviation company with experience and expertise in the vast range of aviation domains. Our intention is to be the driving force for harmonizing operational- and technical issues like airspace solutions, regulations, training requirements, maintenance requirements, infrastructure development and technology development together with both private and public partners in order to create a sustainable and robust operational concept for unmanned aviation integrated with manned aviation. 

Unmanned Aviation is here to stay, and we at OSM Aviation are ready to be the driving force!