Drone Pilots Open Application


Martin Granviken  

Are you a certified Drone Pilot? We are now looking for Drone Pilots in Norway to conduct commercial flights on behalf of our clients.

OSM Aviation firmly believe that the future of flight is electric, autonomous and zero-emission. 

As the market demand for Drone services increases, OSM Aviation is prepared to engage with private and public organizations to provide solutions for the operational- and technical challenges associated with the predicted growth.

Combining our operational excellence with our training experience and comprehensive understanding of regulatory, training and maintenance requirements will enable OSM Aviation to be at the leading edge of the exciting developments we are about to see in the Drone and UAM sector.


Apply to the Open Application today to become a part of the Future of Aviation!


If you are selected, you will be part of a pool of Drone Pilots we will contact, when contracts from our clients are available.