Emirates B777 First Officers

Pilot Recruitment  

On behalf of Emirates, we are now accepting registrations for pilot interviews in Dubai. Our recruitment pilots have more than 20 years collective experience working for Emirates in Dubai. By registering on OSM Aviation’s website you are guaranteed great service and speedy answers to your queries. Furthermore OSM Aviation will be in a position to offer you alternatives should you wish to pursue other options in case Emirates is not the job for you.

The Process

At a later stage you will need to fill out an application, but for now we just require you to fill out our registration by answering a few simple questions and upload your CV.

Observe that there a two options for you to choose from, either a B777 passenger transport option or a commutable B777 cargo option. You will be asked to choose either in the registration. Please be aware that no guarantees are given even though requested and/or type-rated. Depending on operational reason, Emirates will go by vacancy required.


The Job

Successful applicants will be employed by Emirates Airline., based Dubai, UAE, flying Emirates’ young fleet of B777. Read more about the Application Process.


The Airline

Emirates is an multi award winning international ‘all widebody’ airline offering services to more than 150 destinations worldwide. Having the world’s largest fleets of both B777 and A380 Emirates operates more than 230 large aircraft and is the 4th largest airline by international passengers carried, and the 2nd largest airline by freight tonne kilometres flown. Read more


Learn more

For more information about working in Emirates, Terms & Conditions, how it is to live and work in Dubai and more click here



To become an Emirates First Officer, you should have experience on multi-engine, multi-crew, turboprop and/or jet aircraft, including business jets with:

>  Minimum of 2000 hours on MTOW ≥ 20T


>  Minimum of 3000 hours on MTOW between 10T & 20T


Furthermore, you will need to have:

> A valid ICAO ATP/ATPL with an unrestricted class one medical certificate
Pilots with Frozen ATPL, type rated on Airbus or Boeing, can be invited for the selection process provided that they obtain a full ATPL, if successful, prior to joining.
>  English language fluency to ICAO English level 4 or above
>  Having flown at least 150 hours within the last 12 months on an aircraft with MTOW ≥ 10T


Medical Requirements