“Norwegian Air International will create american jobs..”

OSM Aviation crew from JFK and FLL bases gathered in Washington together with Norwegian CEO, Mr. Bjorn Kjos.

“Thanks to our U.S. cabin crew for their wonderful support in Washington DC” says CEO Bjorn Kjos.

10 volunteer flight attendants from our bases at JFK and FLL participated Thursday November 20th, for the luncheon at The International Aviation Club where Bjorn Kjos held a passionate speech about the Norwegian’s long haul operation and our US presence.

He also called on the U.S. Department Of Transportation to approve NAI’s long overdue application for a foreign air craft permit.

FLL Base chief Josef Gabriel made a passionate remark during Q&A session addressing the slanderous allegations from our competitors and their unions.

“We love our jobs at Norwegian and our wages and benefits are highly competitive. Do you think I would work here if they weren’t? Our opponents and the politicians should start looking at the facts and realize that. Norwegian is creating desperately needed jobs in America. This country also needs all the tourists they can get,” he said.

Bjorn Kjos praises the U.S. cabin crew for their enthusiasm, professionalism and support.

“We have the best cabin crew in the world, and I am very proud of their contribution here in DC today. Their involvement and efforts are helping us getting our message about the job creation and fair competition across,” Bjorn says.

200 people from the aviation industry, journalists, politicians, Boeing, ALPA and Delta attended the luncheon. Bjorn Kjos has always been on media tour in Washington DC to talk about why DOT  needs to approve NAI’s application. Coverage at Reuters, CNN and Bloomberg  as well as Scandinavian media have been positive.

Today, November 21st, Bjorn Kjos  will visit a delegation from Rockford, Illinois at Capitol Hill to receive an award for contributing to creating local jobs  through all the Boeing orders.

Read full speech here

Link to CNN’s Richard Quest interview with Bjorn Kjos.