‘Now or Never’ by Lucy Brazier

Lucy Brazier grew up near Heathrow in London and used to lay on the grass watching the aircraft fly overhead, promising herself that one day she too would fly. “That these aircraft could take off used to amaze me; it seemed all very exciting.”


First ever flight: Photo taken of Lucy and her mother Diana, on a Boeing 747 in 1969 between London and Toronto.


Lucy applied to the airlines in the UK when she was 20, but then fell in love, had children, and other aspects of her life swayed her attention elsewhere which meant that she didn’t re-apply until 30 years later!


Last Autumn, both my children left home, and I was about to turn 50. I thought it was now or never!  An advert for Norwegian caught my eye and I applied for a position as Cabin Crew out of Oslo. I was called to an assessment day in December where I was made to feel very welcome. The whole day was great and very well organised. I met friends that I still have contact with. The rest is history – a 30 year old dream coming true!


Lucy thinks that when you work with people you have the possibility to really make a difference to their day, giving them a little attention and making their journey a good one.

Travel has always been very important to me and I hope to transfer my excitement and enthusiasm for flying to the passengers I take care of.



A big thank you to Lucy Brazier, for sharing her inspiring story, reminding us it’s never too late to chase your dreams!