Portrait of Jade Bishop

Jade Bishop

Head of HR UK

Portrait of Charles Adel

Charles Adel

HR Advisor - Cabin Crew

Portrait of Tia Wilson

Tia Wilson

HR Administrator

Portrait of Christine Larkins

Christine Larkins

Payroll Manager

Portrait of Emma Rogers

Emma Rogers


Portrait of Lauren Clohessy

Lauren Clohessy

HR Coordinator

Portrait of Maria Kukharenko

Maria Kukharenko

HR Screening Officer

Portrait of Amy Ketteringham

Amy Ketteringham

HR Onboarding Administrator

Portrait of Georgina Pelissier

Georgina Pelissier

HR Screening Officer

Portrait of Natalie Yesilada

Natalie Yesilada

HR Coordinator – Flight Crew

Portrait of Patricia Lafevre

Patricia Lafevre

Payroll Coordinator

Portrait of Phoebe Clough

Phoebe Clough

HR Coordinator – Cabin Crew

Portrait of Philippa Box

Philippa Box

HR Advisor

Portrait of Leigh Wraight

Leigh Wraight

HR Advisor

Portrait of Kelly Arcus

Kelly Arcus

HR Advisor

Private Policy UK

Modern Slavery Act 2015 v. 2018

Modern Slavery Act 2015 v. 2017


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