OSM Aviation Academy Approved By NOKUT

OSM Aviation Academy has been approved as a higher vocational training provider by NOKUT in Norway. This means that Norwegian applicants will shortly be able to apply for student loans through Lånekassen to finance their pilot education at OSM Aviation Academy.

“This is an incredibly joyful day for us since we know that many young Norwegians aspire to become professional pilots. The decision from NOKUT means that Norwegians with the right talent for becoming an aviator will have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

– Stein H. Mjåtveit, Director of Marketing and Flight Instructor

The approval in Norway increases the already robust financial opportunities that exist for students who choose OSM Aviation Academy as their flight school. The school already holds government approvals from the Swedish student loan provider and has a fully government-sponsored flight training program in Sweden. In addition to offering  fully sponsored Flight Instructor courses available at the academy for those who already hold commercial pilot privileges.


What is NOKUT?

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) is a government agency that allocates loans and grants to Norwegian and certain foreign students for their education. Lånekassen was established in 1947.

Lånekassen is organised under the Ministry of Education and Research (Kunnskapsdepartementet). The Ministry decides the regulations for the allocation of financial support, and for the repayment of loans.

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