OSM Aviation Academy Granted Government Sponsored Flight Instructors Program

OSM Aviation Academy (OSMAA) has been approved by the department of higher vocational education (MYh) to conduct a government sponsored Flight instructor program at the school in Västerås for another three years.

During the last two years OSMAA has educated 10 flight instructors a year in account of the department of higher vocational education (MYh) in Sweden. On top of this, 5 instructors have been trained to become Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI) and Class Rating Instructor (CRI). The last-mentioned program gives the instructors with enough experience a chance to teach instrument flying as well as multiengine.

In the future there will still be 10 spots for pilots who want to become flight instructors and the IRI/CRI program has increased to 7 spots a year.

“The fact that the department of higher vocational education have given us the mandate to educate future flight instructors indicates a great understanding of the enormous pilot demand our world is facing. These Instructor programs is a key factor when it comes to supplying pilots to the future of Swedish aviation and it feels great that they continue to have belief in us, conducting these programs in Västerås.”

Marcus Lindblom, Head of Training at OSM Aviation Academy.

The demand for pilots the coming 20 years is immense and therefore the decision from the MYh is vital to secure the availability of qualified instructors that in return will educate the next generation of pilots.

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