Pilot Talk Episode #19 Out Now!

Join us as we speak to Robert DeLaurentis, a noted aviation speaker and author of “Flying Thru Life” and “Zen Pilot”.



About Robert DeLaurentis:

Robert is currently circumnavigating the earth for the second time. The first time he flew along the equator, this time around he has decided to go from pole to pole.Robert was born in Salamanca, New York, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area until he was 10 years old, before he left with his family to move to Indonesia. He has now settled in San Diego and is flying around the globe to inspire others and share the magic of aviation. He is also supporting scientific research and promoting STEM for children as he explores the globe from his Turbine Commander 900 aircraft. Discover the fun, adventure, and freedom of flying as we join Robert on a mental journey around the earth. You can also follow his journey at poletopoleflight.com.



About Pilot Talk: 

Pilot Talk is a podcast that will touch upon the newest trends in aviation, pilot education and feature exciting guest from the aviation world! 

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