Recruiting for the Norwegian long haul crew base in Fort Lauderdale

In the beginning of December last year, the OSM Aviation recruitment team went to Fort Lauderdale in order to recruit well over 100 new crew members for one of Norwegian Long Haul’s new cabin crew bases in the USA; Fort Lauderdale. The recruitment was done in close cooperation with Norwegian Long Haul’s cabin management and HR department who was also present in Fort Lauderdale.

Before the actual interviews and swim tests started, the team had spent several weeks telephone screening the applicants, thus selecting the candidates they wanted a final face-to-face interview with. A lot of good candidates showed up during the seven days of interviewing. Some had been driving for 20 hours and some had flown from as far as California and even Alaska to get to the interview.

There were some broken dreams in Fort Lauderdale, for example when it turned out that a candidate couldn’t swim or was turned down for the position. Luckily, there were a lot of happy faces too as we hired a total of 105 new colleagues to fly for Norwegian Long Haul out of Fort Lauderdale. The first half of them will start training for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in February and we have great expectations for them as well as for our good cooperation with Norwegian Long Haul.

The recruitment team from Fort Lauderdale in December 2013 counted both management and cabin supervisors from Norwegian Long Haul and OSM Aviation colleagues dressed in Norwegian’s uniforms.