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The aviation industry has undergone great change since its birth in 1903. Today, being forward thinking is a necessity, focusing on core business and being able to respond to an increasingly large amount of variables due to globalization, changes in technology and customer behavior is crucial for the airline’s bottom line. As with countless other industries, retaining all services in-house might not only impact profitability but impair the company’s agility in a rapidly changing world.

At OSM Aviation our sole focus is on developing next generation solutions that promotes the airline’s business model. OSM Aviation merges new and innovative recruitment and crew management solutions with industry expertise to provide qualified and cost-efficient personnel for Recruitment, Training, HR and Planning & Execution.

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OSM Aviation is the only solution provider that offers the unique capability of Total Crew Management (TCM) to its aviation clients. This powerful business model combines all four core service pillars (Recruitment, Crew Management, Training, and Planning & Execution) resulting in a powerful offering for aviation companies: providing unparalleled tangible benefits and advantages throughout the HR value chain. 

The TCM is an innovation-driven enterprise solution that aims to empower the operations while maintaining full compliance with all regulatory compliance. This model has proven to yield significant benefits in efficiency, cost savings as well strategic operational flexibility and scalability. 

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