Training at
OSM Aviation

OSM Aviation can offer both initial training as well as other relevant courses such as teamwork, service and leadership training. OSM Aviation Group is the only company in the industry that provides high quality training with short booking time. Our instructors have extensive experience based on competency, and all of our crew resource management and commercial awareness is integrated into all training.

Advantages of our training:

  • Our instructors have extensive experience based on competency
  • Crew Resource Management is integrated into all training
  • We integrate Commercial Awareness into all our training
  • All our training meets the CCTO requirements
  • We will shortly offer pilot training on our ATO, including Type Ratings, PC, OPC, CRM and other tailor made courses


  OSM Aviation Academy


OSM Aviation Academy is one of the most esteemed Approved Training Organizations (ATO’s) in Europe and has provided professional flight training for both airlines and individuals since 1963. Up until recently, the flight school operated under the brand name of Scandinavian Aviation Academy (SAA).

In October 2017, OSM Aviation acquired SAA and as a natural development following the new ownership structure and the introduction of the comprehensive Airline Ready Pilots concept, SAA changed its name to the OSM Aviation Academy on April 2nd, 2018.

OSM Aviation Academy has since its establishment held a leading position in Sweden in providing professional flight training for both airlines and individuals, and the Academy is currently offering flight- and theory training in Västerås (Sweden), Arendal (Norway) and San Diego (USA).

OSM Aviation Academy offers an EASA approved integrat­ed First Officer Program, which qualifies for the required certificates and ratings needed to work as a commercial pilot, including Commercial Pilot License, ATPL Theory, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine, Multi Crew Cooperation and Airline Preparation Course. The First Officer Program is a comprehensive and full-time program where airline-oriented flight and theory training is combined over a 20 months intensive course.

OSM Aviation does also have an EASA certified training organization for cabin crew. Today, the CC training organization is idle, but can be set-up on short notice and provide Initial and Conversion Training for Cabin Crew.

Our management is highly competent with vast experience within the Airline Industry. The organization has solid expertise in adapting the training and culture building to company specific requirements.

Mentored ab-initio pilot program

The aviation industry is experiencing extensive growth after some years of stagnation and this rises the demand for both cabin and flight crew. Since the training time is quite long for pilots, OSM Aviation has launched ab-initio training courses at a limited number of carefully selected pilot schools around Europe.


Pilot Schools:

FTE Jerez