Ferry Flights: Aircraft Reposition & Transition Services

At the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, OSM Aviation has been at the forefront of ferry flights activity. Re-positioning and transitioning the asset (aircraft) is a crucial movement that ensures operational and business continuity as well as other contractual requirements typically between the lessor and the operator.

A ferry flight is a special flight ops activity that brings together a wide and rather complex range of operational elements such as flight dispatch and planning, crew provisioning, overflight permits, technical stops, and landing rights at final destination, to name a few. OSM Aviation has a highly experienced and technically-qualified team to manage all ferry flight mandates in safe, the most expeditious and cost effective manner possible. Our proprietary comprehensive crew database provides access to global pool of very experienced and current aircrew that are qualified and type-rated on most commercial aircraft types. Our crew members are always on-hand and prepared to assure safe, timely and successful flight missions.

More recently, OSM Aviation has taken on a unique and highly-specialized requirement to demo the efficacity of critical technical capabilities and airworthiness capacities of an aircraft in a transition phase. A typical demo ‘technical’ flight operation comprises of different systems tests at various phases performed on the ground, take-off and climb, at cruise flight level as well as landing procedures. Airbus defines a technical flight as a profile of checks that are recommended to evaluate the overall condition of the in-service aircraft during a non-revenue flight.


Some of the DEMO flight systems procedures

  • At the ground (and during taxi): Engine runes, yaw dampening, steering and braking modes, flight control and autopilot checks, etc.
  • At take-off and climb: maximum rated take-off, thrust rating (climb), flight systems and autopilot checks, navigation and communication checks, aircraft trim, engine parameters and oxygen checks, etc.
  • At cruise level: cabin pressure, engine parameters, auxiliary power unit (APU) checks, Angle-Of-Attack (AOA) probes, air conditioning systems, etc.
  • During approach decent and landing: instrument stabilization, simulated go-around, APU bleed, spoilers configurations, Heads-Up-Displays, brakes, etc.



OSM Aviation has a vast global network of pilots, technicians and planning experts. This allows us to safely and cost-efficiently relocate your aircraft anywhere in the world.

Choose our complete service package and let us take care of everything, or pick and choose from our lineup of service modules to fit your needs.



OSM Aviation can plan and execute ferry flights to and from anywhere in the world. We will take care of everything before, during and after the mission.

  • Complete flight planning
  • Ferry flights and demo flights
  • Crew remuneration, accommodation and relocation
  • Dispatch and flight following



In a complex global environment, our expertise on permits, handling and project management ensures relocation of your assets with a minimum level of friction.

  • Over flight permits
  • Landing permits
  • Navigational charges
  • Fuel services
  • Ground handling



We can provide full CAMO services for parked and stored aircraft, even for AOC operated aircraft if required. We can also handle aircraft registration.

  • Full CAMO services
  • Permit to fly handling
  • ARC inspections and management
  • Aircraft registration and transfer



We can provide full CAM