Creating value through an innovative approach to complete crew operations management. OSM Aviation is an industry leader in Crew Management Services worldwide, supporting airlines with excellent value-add solutions throughout the HR value chain.



Crew Management is our core service offering whereby we recruit and employ the crew members, but the operator performs the training and the planning of crew operations.


Some of the key core offerings in crew management include:

  • Local Base Management
  • Daily activity of established base
  • Dedicated HR managers and administrators on-site or handled remotely as per the client’s requirements
  • Local terms and conditions of employment
  • Local expert knowledge on the local employment and aviation environments


Operations Excellence


HR Management and Administration

  • Operational day-to-day crew administration including all the HR-related functions
  • HR functions are highly-customized as per the requirements of the airline
  • Master Data maintenance and optimization
  • Expert tools and methods to optimize the operations and administration
  • Strategic consulting for HR management for airlines

Customized Training

  • Coordination with training department
  • Monitoring of training progress


Crew Support

  • Dedicated Emergency Response Organization (ERO), designed with all specs and compliant with airline procedures
  • 24/7 Crew Support functions


Substantial Cost Saving  



  • Management of payroll services to all or select employee groups
  • Standardized payroll capabilities for international bases



  • Ability to save on insurance costs through OSM Aviation negotiation discussions with insurer
  • Highly customizable for the client
  • Standardized payroll capabilities for international bases


100% Compliance



  • Fully compliant with all employment laws, statutes, and regulations
  • Fully compliant with all aviation authorities regulations
  • Effective mapping with clients procedures and processes to maintain situation-specific compliance


Industrial Relations

  • Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)
  • Union discussions and negotiations
  • Coordination with clients in negotiation discussions