Offering Flexible and High-Quality Recruitment Services.

Leveraging on an industry-leading Global Database and on the power of a proprietary recruitment & assessment tool.

OSM Aviation has a proven track record of recruiting large numbers of pilots and cabin crew. Last year alone, we recruited approximately 2300+ employees, making a total of around 6000 employees operating for our customers worldwide.

We have developed all the systems and implemented the administration in place to handle large volume recruitments. The recruitment process is tailormade to the operator and the operator’s requirements

OSM Aviation follows a very structured approach to the recruitment. The process covers 4 key elements:


  • Very large Database of Candidates
  • Digital and analog marketing
  • Social Media
  • Ability to target and attract based on the specific requirements of the airline


  • In-house developed tools built on Artificial Intelligence for that is built by both technology and aviation recruitment experts
  • Customized to the requirements and criteria of client airlines


  • World-class assessment centers virtual and on-site
  • Highly-Tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the client such as:

– Group assessment

– HR interview

– Technical interview

– Advanced Compass testing

– Document check

– Background check

– Simulator assessment


  • International standards in contractual agreements
  • Highly customized  and tailored to the requirement of the client
  • Local and global customized employment contracts
  • Permanent and temporary employment contracts
  • 100% compliant to all regulatory rules and regulations
  • Assistance with the on-boarding process as per the client airline

Confidence built on an expert international recruitment and selection team

  • Experience and expertise

-300 years of combined experience in aviation, airlines, aircraft technical environments.

-Technical expertise gained from previous experience as airline top managers, chief pilots, chief flight instructors, and aircrew.

-Human Resources experience from the fields of psychology and human capital management

-Technology and automation through expertise in Artificial Intelligence and robotics

  • Compliance

-In-depth knowledge of the local employment laws including the complexities of international employment and mobile workforce

-100% compliance with all aviation regulatory laws and regulations

-Strong and stringent vetting and background checking