OSM Aviation Pilots

OSM Aviation selects, trains, and offers the industry the pilots of tomorrow. Once you have been through our selection and training, you can consider yourself one of the best in the industry, and with some of the best choices.

We are very proud of the talented pilots working under the wings of OSM Aviation. Read more about some of their experiences with OSM Aviation below.

Andrea Anselmi

First Officer B737 | Norwegian Air

“I have always found kindness, availability and flexibility from this company. Today I have finally a job stability. It’s a great opportunity to work in a relaxed and professional environment with high standard and performance.”

Daniel Horak

Pilot B787 | Norwegian Air

“OSM Aviation has only gone above and beyond what was offered. With this being my first contract flying experience, I have a favorable outlook on the setup. OSM is an employer that values its people. From day one of communicating with OSM, my perception is a genuine desire to make me feel welcome. Being one of the first American pilots joining Norwegian through OSM, I would like to invite my American colleagues to check it out. Norwegian provides a good product, is well-liked and I am proud to work with them.”

Siamak Kamrani

First Officer B737 | Norwegian

“To join a management company who knows how to take care of all employees is very appealing. Offering permanent full-time contact with full support from first day of training in a professional network and with competitive terms. OSM Aviation is a well organized employer who cares about people. They listen, always try to fulfill their requirements and works hard to offer the best job conditions in the market.

The reason why others should apply is to join a well known crew management company who offers competitive terms in the aviation industry and full support during your career. Once you join you will see the difference!”