The Journey from Wichita to Arendal!

The Idea

OSM Aviation Academy’s newly purchased Cessna 172’s arrived at the new training location in Arendal, Norway on Oct 16th after a 2 weeks long journey across the Atlantic. The two brand new Cessna 172s were purchased from the Cessna factory in Wichita Kansas, and although there were several solutions for the delivery of the planes, the OSM Aviation Academy instructors took this unique opportunity to fly both Cessna 172 planes all the way to Arendal! To plan a trip like this with such small planes takes a lot of paperwork, planning, and waiting time, as it is imperative that each leg of the trip had ideal flying weather conditions.


Instructors preparing themselves for the longest leg of the trip.


The Trip

To start this journey, the four instructors flew to Kansas one week prior their two-week excursion to finalize all the paperwork and gather all the gear they needed. They estimated the trip to take roughly around 40 hours of flying. They stopped in four different countries on the way; starting in Wichita, Kansas (USA), flying north to northern Canada, and then along the coast of Greenland and further on to Iceland before flying the longest leg over the ocean to Shetland, and finally landing at Gullknapp Airport. Each aircraft had 2 pilots to fly the brand new aircrafts making it an expedient trip, especially for the longest stretch (Iceland to Shetland), as the pilots had to wear survival suits due to the length of flight and because it was mostly over water.

One of the instructors stated it was a “cramped 5-6 hour” flight due to the bulky suits. Even with that, the instructors said that this was an opportunity very few get in their lifetime, and an adventure they would never forget.

sky soma
One of the many breathtaking views from the trip.


OSM Aviation Academy

Meanwhile, school is in session at the academy and students are eagerly awaiting the new training tools. This is the first ever pilot ready training course in Arendal, which started 3 weeks ago with its first class of 16 students of 7 different nationalities. The course is approximately 20 months long and compliant with the integrated Ab-initio program for pilot training, which qualifies for the certificates required to fly for an international airline. The students will too have the opportunities to take the necessary specializations tailored to the requirements of the airlines they are to fly for.To get these students “pilot ready” are the academy’s 6 highly experienced instructors, 1 coordinator, modern Cessna 172 single engine aircrafts and a Diamond Twinstar with 2 engines, and lastly a Boeing 737 flight simulator. During the first couple of weeks, the students have been located at Gullknapp Airport tracking their instructor’s excursion via the radar map below, and listening to reports on the radio. Upon landing-day, the students had the privilege to witness the arrival of the two Cessna aircrafts and greet their instructors live on the runway with welcoming showers from local fire trucks. What a start to the school year!


The map the students kept track of their instructors journey.