Top 5 Destinations

Chayawee Yama is originally from Thailand but is now living in the States. He has been working with OSM Aviation and Norwegian as a Cabin Crew for 2 years based in Providence, Rhode Island. Besides working as Cabin Crew, Chayawee is interested in travelling and photography, which are one of the main reasons why he started working as Cabin Crew. 

“I feel like my work is similar with my lifestyle because I can travel the world and meet great people of different backgrounds and countries every day. I also spend a lot of my time documenting my daily life as Chayaweeyama on Instagram, which mostly includes my latest work and travel adventures showcased through places and people around the world.”

My Top 5 Destinations

I’ve been lucky to be able to cross a few places off my travel list since I started working with OSM Aviation and Norwegian. My top 5 favorite destinations have included Reykjavík, Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco and last, but not least Bangkok. While visiting these five places I had some amazing and unique experiences and I’ll definitely revisit them many times more in the future!


1)  Reykjavik

Iceland is my absolute favorite country so far. I found myself totally charmed by Reykjavík’s energy, color and people. Before I went there I expected that it is was going to be very touristy, but I didn’t feel that at all. This city is such a heaven on earth. I’m just in love with everything there; the color of the sky, the mountains in front of the city, northern lights, ice caves and the food in Iceland is mouthwatering! One spot that I absolutely love is the church, Hallgrimskirkja, one of the most iconic sights in the city. When I first saw the church I was obsessed taking pictures of it! It is just so unique! I have never seen any church like it.

Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik, Iceland


2)  Barcelona

During my training with Norwegian, I had some time off to visit Barcelona. My favorite spot must be the Sagrada Familia. From the first time I saw it, I was blowned away. It is actually a funny story because after visiting it the first time, I told my colleague that I had seen ‘the Castle’ (In Thailand, most of us are Buddhists so a Church or Castle are not very common). My colleague was a bit confused until I showed them a picture – they laughed hysterically because it’s not a Castle but a church. Anyway, Sagrada Familia was the most impressive experience for me. If you have a chance to visit Barcelona, you just have to see the inside.

Inside the Sagrada Familia


3)  Paris


Paris is as every bit as romantic and beautiful as everyone says it is. Every corner, boulangerie and passage way made me feel like I was walking in a vintage movie. Even if you get lost in Paris, you will find something beautiful in every corner. Taking photos is my soul, so most of the time I’m there, I often walk without a GPS so I can capture some beautiful shots in different locations. Sometimes people ask me where my pictures are taken, and I can’t tell them because I wouldn’t know!

My favorite spot is the streets leading up to Trocadero. In the summer the Sakura tree is in bloom so you can sit under the Sakura tree on the park bench. There you’ll be able to capture some beautiful photos or even do a picnic with some Champagne. There are so many beautiful spots in Paris so just keep walking in the ‘City of Love’.


4)     San Francisco

Have you heard the phrase, “I left my heart in San Francisco”? I just adore this city. The unique geography of Northern California helps add to this city’s charm. There are many beautiful locations in San Francisco such as Lombard Street, Painted ladies, Palace of fine arts and etc., but my favorite spot is the lookout point from Crissy Field. If you walk down to the beach, you will get beautiful Golden gate bridge with the ocean view.


5)     Bangkok

Even though I live in a small town just 6 hours away from Bangkok, I always feel excited every time I visit! There is always something new in Bangkok; like a fancy café, a new shopping mall or some amazing events.

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world. Bangkok to me is like a small New York City in Southeast Asia. There’s so much to experience in Bangkok such as visiting temples, street foods, local shopping, floating markets, thai massage and even jungles to explore.

My favorite places to explore in Bangkok is The Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple, the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. Last, but not least of the activities you have to experience in Bangkok is experiencing a Tuk Tuk ride. They take you from one location to another location within minutes.


Working as Cabin Crew

Chayawee says working as Cabin Crew on board a flight can sometimes be both super busy or it could be rather stress-free. Sometimes you feel you are running around non-stop the whole flight, whilst sometimes you have a chance to talk to passengers or play with the kids on board. But no matter if it is busy or not, he always makes sure that he provides excellent service while ensuring the safety and security of all passengers.

“Most of my flights are at night, so I always take a nap in the afternoon before a flight. My secret to energizing my body is singing and dancing with my favorite playlist in the bathroom while I’m getting ready to work. I really feel like the music is filling me up with positivity and happiness, so I can spread it around to my coworkers and passengers on the flight.”

Working as Cabin Crew truly is a gift for me because I can travel to exotic destinations and visit some of the most amazing cities. I have a chance to visit places that most people only dream about – and this is all a part of my job.

Working with OSM Aviation and Norwegian, you get to stay in great hotels around the world, get discounts in duty free and moreover, you make new friends from all over the world! I really love the company culture! I love that when other crew from different bases see me, they say ‘HI’ and smile even though they don’t know me. But we are Norwegian. It is a small thing but it makes me feel like we are all family.

When Chayawee is not working, he often spends his time with his family and friends. He is also passionate about cooking, photography and travelling. With more than a thousand photos on his memory card, Chayawee really enjoys finding new inspiration for his next travel on social media.

“Browsing social media channels like Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and reading travelling blogs I can also find some great tips on editing and taking photos which is my great passion! My favorite part of taking pictures is photographing my friends and get their feedback. This makes me very happy and helps me to evolve as a photographer.”



Please visit Chayawee’s instagram profile to see more of his breathtaking pictures!