At OSM Aviation, we believe that a good working environment is essential.
It gives us better, happier colleagues and it makes it more fun to go to work, when you know you are part of a friendly, caring and professional team.


  • We are Friendly
    It’s easy, it’s contageous and best of all, it’s for free


  • We are Fair
    Don’t be judgemental. Hardly anyone makes mistakes on purpose. We honor a non-punitive reporting system because we want to learn from our mistakes. So be patient and when you make mistakes yourself, dare to share!


  • We Walk the Talk
    Our Code of Conduct talks about equality and non-discriminating behavior. All employees with OSM Aviation hold the same human value and deserve the same respect. This is part of our DNA. But we shouldn’t just talk about it or feel it in the bones; we must all walk the talk and treat our colleagues with respect


If you experience that you are being subject to a breach of these principles, you can always go to your manager for advise